• Cut her first tooth
    tuesday 22nd May 07

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  • katie was christernd last SundayJune3rd an was a good girl no tears all smiles.
  • Happy birthaday Katie ONE YEAR OLD SUNDAY.
  • I seem to have broken out in spots the last few days... anyone else get this? I'm not due until the 5th (I think - although going by cm possibly the 1st).

    I don't normally get spots!
  • hey honey, have you just came off the pill?

    1st mth off i broke out everywhere with spots, they are gradully getting better mth by mth!!

  • nope - been off the pill for 5 years now... just very strange this month - but somehow I seem to remember getting spots when I've been pregnant before - (I won't symptom spot - I won't sympton spot)
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