Help! I had my implant out a couple of months ago! 10 days after conception i started spotting(reddish brown gue) for 4 days! I read that this maybe implantation. Iv done a pregnancy test its come back negative but might be to early to test! Feel like i have some symptoms but a little bit of me thinks its all in my head!
I rarely have periods,due to the implant being taken out so i couldnt tell you when im due on

Anymore else like this??


  • hi!
    i had mine out 2 weeks ago and had exactly the same! spotting for nearly a week! stopped 2days ago and had lots of cm since!!?? i also dnt have a clue wen af is due or wen im ovulating?? will just av to b patient i think!
  • Right..I looked it up on the internet about removal of implant, there was nothing about spotting!
    So do u think this is jus side effects of removal image
  • i got told that my fertility will come bak within 24 hours n that i way have a withdrawal bleed. alot of people who i spoke to have had this spotting aswell so i think it could b sideeffects.... i have also spoken to alot of ladies who have got preggers b4 ther af arrived! so hopefullyu have too!
  • Hey sweetie, just replied to your other post but implantation bleeding isn't normally red, but some people do get it. Sometimes periods can be a bit messed up when you come off the pill/implant. Fingers crossed for you though xxx
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