I think i should say hello


I have lurked here before, and im over from planning a baby, but this will be the first month of trying.

It all came about much quicker than we thought so i havent even started folic acid yet, as we should have started this coming May....however i wasnt about to turn down OH after talking about babies since....forever!!

My AF should also be due on Christmas day which makes me a bit scared of trying this month as i will be a tad sad that its there. (We have had loads of UPSI but not tried so its not like this is really the first month, just first official month of TTC)

Well, i think thats it!!

Hope to meet lots of people with very big brains as i will be picking them with lots of silly newbie questions!

x x x


  • Welcome to Trying for a Baby MrsMcD! It's so exciting when you actually start 'trying' : ) I'm only just starting my second month of ttc so fairly new too, but everone on here is lovely and don't worry - there is an amazing amount of knowledge between all the ladies so all your questions will be answered I'm sure!!

    Good luck.x.
  • Thank you, whenever ive peeked in everyone seems so nice!!
  • They really are, everyone is so helpful and nobody minds if you need to have a whinge or a rant!! It's like gaining a whole new support network : )

    Oh and just incase you think my avatar is a bit strange (like I would if I didn't know why people had it!) - the rude carrot is for a reason!!! There was a topic a couple of days ago that apparently when a few women changed their avatars to rude veg previously a lot of them got BFPs, so some of us are trying it again now! Anything that might help hey!! .x.
  • Welcome hun, i'm a planning graduate too so you're in good companyimage

    Imagine what a good christmas present a bfp would be though!! And if af does arrive, at least you'll have lots of lovely presents to distract you!! xx
  • Welcome hun, you will love it here, we are a nice bunch image xx
  • Hey there and welcome MrsMc. I'm like trixie on only on my 2nd month ttc, but everyone on here is really helpful and non-judgemental, (I'm sure they're like that on planning too!)

    Good luck and fingers crossed for your December babs and look forward to seeing you around.


    PS I'm a rude veg girl too at the moment - you never know!
  • Hello MrsMc, welcome to TTC!!! We are only just starting on our TTC journey too really, this is only the 3 month of trying!!! I'm trying rude veg too!! Fingers crossed for you hun that you get the most amazing christmas present of all!! PMA PMA PMA xx

  • Hi Mrs Mc, I too have graduated over from PAB, this is our first month of trying and I got a positive on an OPK today so I feel like we are in with a chance.

    You will love it over here, everyone is really nice, dont forget to put your name on santas wish list for a BFP and also gembags pudding list!!

    Baby dust xx
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