How do I figure out.....................?

when I fell pregnant?? I decided to ask here coz I know you ladies are experts!!

My last af was 10th May, which makes me due by the calculator thing on 14th Feb but I don't think I got pregnant straightaway. The reason for this is because I did LOADS of tests and kept getting negatives then I finally got a faint line, waited two days and got another faint line.

My af was due to appear again on 5th June and didn't- we had bd only once in May (about 1 weeks after af) and then again around 1st/2nd of June (just a few days before af was due.

I got my BFP on 19th June but because I had so many BFN's before this and the line was faint I HAVE BEEN TOLD THAT THIS MEANS i WAS ONLY just fallen pregnant.

Any advice would be appreciated coz it will be another 3-4 weeks before I get a scan and I am so impatient to know how far I am on!!


  • You can get bfn's but still be pg. Congratulations by the way. You were lucky you must have bd'd that one time around ov. xx
  • so do you think that is the most likely time I feel pregnant??
  • It makes the most sense to me. How long were your cycles, it looks like about 28 days? If you had bd'd about 14 days into cycle, then it's about right for ov. xx
  • Thanks mithical I really do hope so coz then the gender predictor says a girl and thats just what I want lol. That makes me about 9 weeks I think whhhooooo
  • You are very lucky to have fallen with only one bd at ov time! I hope it's correct. Let me know! lol

    Are you on facebook? I'm Leigh Moull.xx
  • I'm not on facebook. I feel pregnant last time like that!! We are going to get oh the snip after this one coz I get pregnant at the drop of a hat and four is enough!!

    I would love it to be twins tho!!
  • Oh well you are extremely lucky, and good luck with that. xx
  • aw congratulations image x
  • The docs always go by 1st day of last AF and count 40 days til due - the actual gestation is 38 weeks (mid cycle) so that is why they count from AF and count 40 weeks!! Congratulations btw xx
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