cheapie ebay ov tests - opinions?

Hi All

I have very irregular cycles, so would spend a fortune on CBFM sticks if I got one, or on branded OPKs. Am thinking about buying some cheap ebay test sticks and wondered whether anyone had experience of these to share - good or bad??




  • i used mine alongside my CBFM, with cycles 40+ days, i found i never got a strong positive but could work out when ov was coming and when it had gone, i like you got them as the branded OPK would have cost a fortune with long cycles, i did use a monitor though just started it late in my cycle x

  • I still have a bag of them ! I had the same idea as you, to save money on the rip off that are ov kits. But I found the e bay ones were v unreliable so just stopped using.

    I invested in a cbfm hald price on amazon. Box of 20 sticks is ??12 and lasts 2 month so in long term much better value even though hefty price to fork out! It is well worth every penny though x x x
  • I used them this month (1st month ttc) and I just got my BFP today so they must work hun!! xx
  • Im sure MrsKP used a cheap Ov kit alongside the CB digital Ov sticks and she found that the smiley was the same for CB and cheapies! No idea which she used but Im sure she'll be around in the week if you want to ask her! H x
  • Hi fergy

    I used cheap ones from amazon last month and the cb ones as well and i got a positive on the same day with both. I haven't bought any more cb ones as i don't see the point as they are expensive.

    You do have to follow instructions about not drinking for a few hours before testing. I can't remember what they are called but if you go onto amazon and type in ovulation tests it is the first ones that come up. I'm sure they are on the homehealthuk website as well.
  • Thats who i meant! MrsKD not MrsKP! I did have a glass of wine or two last night while dinner was cooking! hic!
  • STAY AWAY!!!! lol. in my opinion anyway! they've never worked for me and nor have branded opk's (V hard to tell the difference!!!) so i stick with my cbfm all the way but start it later in my cycle! but just note down my true cd days in my diary! I am however gogin to try some digital cb opks next month but i buy it all off ebay so it's cheaper!!! xx
  • lol - so looks like it's a mixed bag as it is with so many things when TTC. I ordered 40 sticks for ??7 last night so will give them a go and see where i get to - nothing ventured nothing gained and all that!

    Thanks girls!

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