What is going on with me boobs

Ok i know i have spoke a lot about my boobs the last two weeks as thats the thing I have the most change in within my 2ww but I am on CD27 and am 13dpo and my boobs are not as sore?? In fact they seem to be getting better they were killing me yesterday and the day before??? And my nipples which have been really really sore since OV are not sore at all anymore?

K xxx

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  • HEY WBL!! lol
    some women dont feel any change in their (.)(.) before their BFP so you still have a chance hun. are you nervous about tomorrow?
    Hope you're not leaving me on other post im so lonely! lol
  • No I will be back over there trust me yesterday I was having problems posting on it though??

    I really do not think I am preg honey it;s more they were soo sore and I thought yes my AF is on her way but then nothing?? If my boobs are not sore like they normally are maybe i am not coming on either?

    I bought two clear blue tests last night and I am not sure I will test now tomorrow? I was going on a 28 dc bu i wont actually come on then as this is my firs natural af. When do you think I should test?
  • maybe you should leave it a few days, test on cd 30 or 31. I wouldnt want you to get another bfn tomorrow because its too early. maybe you ov later than you thought? do you normally have sore bbs before af? x x x
  • No after that friday the 16th I had thick white cm?? yes i always have really sore boobs before af even when i was off the pill? It's very odd I hate not being in control of my body and having no idea what is happening with it image
  • I hate it too its so confusing and frustrating.
    Only this month and last month I have had sore nipples leading upto af and i never used to get that its so strange thats why last month i thought i was pg.
  • It's odd it;s like your body gives off all these signs so you think yes I must be I am getting all the signs and then bang AF comes??

    I think my BFN said it all really honey so i know i am out this month. I really hope you and Twizz get your bfpimage

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