Good News about my Scan :D

Hi all

Just nipping on whilst at work, good news about my scan this morning.

The doctor done it and said all is well and that I look healthy and normal so I have a healthy oven!! just no bun yet to cook in it. :lol:

She did say it would also depend on my blood test results as to whether I would have PCOS thats what they were checking for and said that sometimes you can have a perfectly healthy womb and ovaries but if my bloods came back abnormal I could be diagnosed with PCOS.

Reason being because of my scanty, light periods, she mentioned weight gain and excessive hair so dont think I have either of those and she said if I get 2 out of 3 symptoms then it would be PCOS.

So far I only have the period problem, although am still bleeding now 8 days after my show of AF so how weird is that could it be the end of my AF??





  • Hi SD

    i am in the same kinda boat to you! had a scan done about 2 months ago and every thing was fine although i have a retroverted uterus and what looks like 'could' be PCOS but cannot say for sure! but i dont have irregular periods, no excessive hair and no real weight gain.... i am hoping its not PCOS as i dont have the classic symptoms.... but i was 8 days late for this AF so i hope its my body regulating its self! as i have never before been late or irregular!?? good luck tho hun! and atleast you are a bit clearer on things!?

    **baby dust**
  • I am pleased to hear about your scan! Fingers crossed your blood results are ok too. I know what PCOS stands for but not sure what the problem is. Does this make having children harder? Anyway just wanted to say well done on the scan! I had an internal scan back in February for my own peace of mind when I had my AF investigated. Only just worked out that it was IBS all along but my ovaries and uteris are all fine so pleased I did have the scan xx

  • Glad it went ok, I thought you would be alright :\)

    Fingers crossed you come back clear for PCOS, I was the same too, no weight gain and no excessive hair, just the dodgy cycles, with no explanation.

    At least you know you can go on holiday and relax now without worrying about doing anything too strenuous *sp* and drinking.
    The scan was my D-Day as to whether i was pregnant or not and there was nothing there, so i just carried on.

    Cant remember if you said what pill you were on? i was on microgynon30.

  • Thats good news SD - glad it went ok xx
  • Yeah Pcos is a strange thing. There are all kinds of different symptoms and degrees of it. I have it but the only reasons I found out is cos I have no af's other than that I'm not hairy and my bmi is 24. Hope it's not the case for yo but even if it is there is lots they can do for it xx
  • oh fab! I'm glad everything went well for you! xxx
  • Yaay so glad it went well sd!

    I was rested for pcos last year due to my irratic cycles and weight gain! Luckily it came back clear!

    I'm sure yours will too.

    I am still so jealous of your holiday!! Lol

  • Hi ladies

    Thanks for replies was at a housewarrming last night got very drunk and was really sick image

    Going pics tonight with hubby.

    MPP - I was on marvelon pill hun for about 13 years

    MrsJC - you got any anniversary plans, I'm going to relax on holiday I bloody well need it!!

    Just feel sooooooo fat and flabby tho because I had put my life on hold stopped going to keep fit thinking i would get pregnant and now 5/6 months later no baby bump just pure flab.

    MIL has borrowed me zumba dvds and maracas lol so will be shaking my thing in the living room tomorrow.

    Also I have decided going to give reflexology a try and see if this will help me to relax also MIL says it helps pin point any problem areas in your body.

    Not keen on people playing with my feet tho and am very ticklish but willing to give anything a go.

  • Hey sd!! No plans as hubs working all weekend of our anniversary!! Booo!! Me and lo are staying at our friends on the actuall anni night and then we are going out on the bank holiday Sunday where hubs is working!!! Lol!!!

    Reflecology sounds good!! Agree with the ticklish thing though!!! Lol
    acupuncture is supposed to be good too!!

    Good on you for getting drunk!! I am in my first known 2ww so trying to be good!! Lol!!

    Hope you had a lovely time at pics!!

  • Hey, so glad it's all ok in there. Haven't been on in a week so haven't kept up with what's been going on - I take it your AFs are still playing up? Hope you're ok x
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