Where's Hjanea?

I haven't been on BE for some time as took a break from TTC (Got my BFP last Sat after first month back TTC-the break must've done me good!). I have come back on to see that some of the oldies have disappeared. Most i have found out where they went but don't know where Hjanea is-does anyone know?

Good luck to all on your TTC jouneys.....



  • She's been on this week I think, sure I've seen her post x
  • she commented on my post the other day when i asked what everyones real names were. maybe she is having a weekend off image x
  • OMG I must have missed your BFP post, congratulations to you and your OH, hope all goes well xx
  • Thanks guys, i hope i see her around soon!
    P.S i didn't do a BFP post on here as i feel a bit tentative bout this PG after the last one ended in a MMC. Fingers crossed for a better result this time.....
  • Hey there
    Congrats on ure BFP!! image

    Yeah Hjanea posted on the IVF forum earlier today i think.... shes still here! image

  • Hi, yes shes still here but like me she doesnt come on here as much anymore!
    After being here for so long and seeing everybody graduate over to pregnancy, it does get hard to come on here!
    Im sure she will see this post though!
    Congratulations on your bfp mummaj, perhaps i should take a break from here!! lol. xxxxx
  • Congrats MummaJ. She has been around recently. She posts in LTTTC as well I think x
  • Hello, I'm here!!!!!!
    Congratulations mummaJ!!! Thats brilliant news, sending you lots of sticky babydust.
    I don't come on here as much as I did-I had 2 months in the summer where my donor couldn't make it and I sort of lost touch with who was who etc as lots of peole I knew got BFPs.
    I'm due to ov in the next few days (cd10) today but my donor wouldn't commit to being available and is suggesting IVF ASAP but I'm far too fat and can't afford it without saving or a loan so I'm wondering about my options. I have found somewhere in Cyprus that does 6 donor embryos for 4000 euros. I'd only want 2 put in at a time but their freezing costs were reasonable so it is something else I'm considering.
    Anyhow I hope this pg goes really well for you.
  • Hi Helen,

    Good to hear from you, was worried where you'd gone, was hoping that i'd just missed your BFP and that you'd moved over to PG. I'm so sorry that's not the case, it's been a long journey for you so far but fingers crossed that all will work out for you in the end. Do you think IVF is the way to go? My partner had one unsuccessful cycle of IVF before we found our donor and she conceived through DIY AI. It's a tough process but we didn't have any other option at the time. I suppose us girls will do anything to have a baby huh?!

    Keep up the PMA, hope G is doing well,

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