• Hey hun, how you doing??? Tried to reply on your other thread, but no luck....just thought to ask if you considered af to be implantation??? It's always possible ...

    Let me know how you get on...

  • Hi Nat, how are you hun? I tried to tell myself yesterday when the bleeding stopped that it might have been implantation or a bit of breakthrough, but have had more brown cm and bleeding today. Still hardly anything tho, which is really annoying as I think its going to be another long drawn-out visit again! Grrr! Im not a happy bunny at the moment! lol!

    Whats going on with you now? Have you got anything new in mind for this month? I have told OH to get plenty of rest while af is here, as he will be putting in some serious over time as soon as she is gone! lol!

    Good luck this month chick! ****babydust**** xxx
  • Hey you, I'm doing ok thanks....enjoying my time at home at the mo...I don't have anything new in mind except use preseed more this time...can't use my CBFM anymore as don't have any sticks image

    I do hope it's implantation bleeding that you have hun...I'm not even sure how long my cycle will be this month...I hope it's the normal 28 days but I will only know once I ovulate...
    I so much want to be pregnant on my bday

    One of my friends told me onTuesday that's she's pg....I do hope I will be only a few weeks behind.

    How you feeling today? Have you had any more spotting/bleeding?


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