still no af??????

hi well im now 12dpo and on day 5 of spotting, been spotting brown on and off since 8dpo. i was expecting to wake up to full flow this morning but still not. still no cramps. do you think i should be worried????


  • Don't be worried! Have you tested?
    I think it sounds really positive, it's probably not even your af!
    Keeping everything crossed for you xxx
  • Same situation with me Hun... Still no af this morning!!

    Fingers crossed for us all, although I'm sure it's just a matter of time for me!

  • well ive decided im gonna test tonight with a first response test (trying not to wee for a few hours first lol) and if its a negative i will wait untilo thurs to see if af has started properly and if not il test again, what do you think??
    if this is my af though i dont know when to start my cycle day as i havent had any red blood or heavy bleeding???
    hopefully its a bfp fingers crossed image xxxx
  • Omg good luck honey!! I was told you don't count your first day of af until you see red blood.
    Anyway let's not think it's af at the mo!
    Let us know how the test goes!
  • will do im trying not to get my hopes up, ive got no other symtoms of pregnancy, other that i felt quite sick at work this morn but think i was just hungry lol.
    does it normally make a difference if you use fmi or not?? i heard your hcg levels go up eaCH DAY SO SURELY THEY SHOULD BE HIGHER BY THE EVENING THAN AM??? sorry abt the caps lock lol.
  • Your hcg levels double every 2 days, they say use fmu because it's more concentrated as at this stage hcg is still quite low.
    I'd go for it and see what happens!!! Xx
  • ok will do, waitin for the hubby to get bk so we can do it together - i would hate for him to miss it if its a bfp.
    trying not to get my hopes up, i really do think its my af just not a normal one lol (my body is probs playin tricks on me grrr)
  • i have had the same enough to have a pad but not enough to even fill it no red blood jut brown have no idea weather to say it was a AF or not still have it at the min but got an -ive so have no idea i spotted thurs fri was a little bit morte think i will phone my consultant on weds as they are shut for a 5 day weekend
  • oh yeah i have been feeling sick to
  • took the test with a first response and i got...... BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or at least i think it it there is 2 lines, 1s alot lighter that the other (instructions say this is ok) but is very visable and is def 2 lines image i cant belive it image gna take a cb digi with fmi 2moz to be sure image i cant stop smiling
  • congrats hun
  • Oh my god!!!! Wow that is amazing!!! I knew it wasn't your af!!
    Wooo hoooo I am so happy for you, congrats honey!
  • thankyou,
    this could be the case for you yet.
    i still cant believe it - dont think i really will until i take the other test tomorrow, will let u know how that goes.
    been telling dh for days that it wasnt my period and hes been like ye it is stop symptom spotting, i took a tesco test on fri and it was neg.
    thing is im worried now y ive been havin brown blood/cm, if i get a pos 2moz i think i might book docs for weds or is it too early to see them??
  • Congrats!!! See you in DIA! Xxx
  • the same as me i said this is not an AF so might try a 1st response if thats the case then cuz i used a tescos one and it was -ive
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