To test or not to test...

I'm going to have to test today because we are going to a party tonight and i don't want to drink if there's a chance i could be pregnant.

I'm just scared i've gone back to a 35 day cycle. If i get a bfn i'll cry image

But how could i have a 35 day cycle if i ovulated on the 12th? That would be a long lp wouldn't it?

I'm so confused!

And i haven't had my right ovary pain since yesterday afternoon. Or hardly and af cramps come to think of it.

What to do what to do..?!?!


  • If you def ov'd on the 12th then your AF should have arrived by 26th, TEST!! image though bear in mind you won't be using fmu so it could effect the result. Fingers crossed for you! xx
  • I would test, particularly with the party tonight. If you ov'd on the 12th, you will be 16dpo so get a first response or superdrug test and get P'ingOAS!!!

    Good luck, and enjoy the party-hopefully alcohol-free!
  • ok ladies i'm off to have a quick shower then to the chemist for a test... i'm scared, i'm pretty sure it'll be a bfn and i'll feel silly for even thinking it could be positive but then if i'm wrong... oh wow!

    ok getting ahead of myself now!

    Wish me luck and i'll update in a couple of hours!
  • so excited for you hun, really hope it's a BFP!! xx
  • thanks!

    ok another quick question.. as i'm not using fmu i have just collected a sample in a plastic cup as i've just had a cup of tea and thought by the time i come to test my tea will have diluted my wee. Probably a stupid question but it'll be ok to use that wee won't i, it won't effect the result as it will of been sat there for an hour or so by the time i come to test..?

    sorry if tmi :roll:
  • If it's within an hour or so it should be ok, i think. If you get a FRER then it not being fmu shouldn't matter to much if you are 16dpo. Good luck hun. Can't wait for your update. xx
  • As Katie said with you being 16dpo it shouldn't really matter and some tests advise you to leave your pee to cool before testing...quite strange I thought :roll: but there you go!

    Hurry up and get home!!! :lol: :lol: xx
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