anemic? - i hope so

I know it sounds weird but i had mc on 01/05. Since the miscarriage, i have had really weird symptoms. for the past 10 days, i have felt dizzy and have had permanent headache. (i had a smear which made me bleed on 28/05 and have since had first af since mc). during preg and mc had weirdy legs (i think restless leg syndrome). after mc, have had dry cracked lips. i have had blood tests for anemia and get results on tuesday . i was given tablets to stop vertigo but was told they wouldn't work if i am anemic. i have been reading that dry cracked lips, dizziness/vertigo, restless leg syndrome, tingling in hands and feet, headaches, dry mouth can all be signs of anemia. I really bloody hope i am so i can start to make myself feel better - it is getting me down now. i have only been into work for 2 weeks since my mc 5 weeks ago!!!

excuse my rant. bring on the iron


  • Here is a link to NHS Direct for iron deficiency anaemia. Hope it turns out to be that, as can be easily treated.

  • thanks mitical - back to the docs today. i am getting sucked into anxiety and depression now because i am feeling so weird all the time. need to fight it off but finding it hard.
  • Bexyh - anaemia is a bloody (bad pun) pain but can be sorted really quickly.

    I get it from time to time - I become so breathless and tired, and dizzy especially standing up. BUT the magic iron tablets sort it out so quickly. There's also a form of liquid iron that I take in orange juice (will find a link) that often keeps it at bay and doesn't irritate my stomach.

    Good luck with the results hon x
  • Hi guys - thanks for your posts-. apparently i am not anemic (borderline above). i am going to take a mutlivitamin at mo anyway cos generally feeling poo. i have more tablets for the vertigo (shall see if these work). i have suffered from anxiety for many years but have been doing really well with it but seem to have hit a bad phase. probably body sorting itself out after mc. 2 more weeks off work - sounds weird but i really want to go back but just can't at the moment. think positive, positive, positive!!!!!!!!!
  • Hi bexyh, I have also suffered with anxiety on and off and I know exactly what you are going through. It's the worst feeling and I just wanted you to know that you're not alone and it WILL get better. I would recommend two things.
    1. Paul McKenna's book 'Change Your Life in 7 Days' - I'm not into psychobabble nonsense, but this book and the relaxation cd that came with it REALLY helped my anxiety. I recommend it to anyone who has suffered.
    2. Exercise. Even if it seems like the last thing you want to do it helps so much. Getting rid of the excess adrenalin in your body makes you calmer. That's an indisputable fact.
    If you ever want to chat then email me.
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