FAO MrsJules74

Happy birthday!!!!!xx


  • Honey she'll miss this she's away in france the lucky madam!!!!

  • Thank you!!

    We got back late on Friday night / early Saturday morning so just catching up on a week's worth of what's been happening here!!

    Was feeling all positive (even though AF is about to show up :evil: ) to then discover yesterday 2 of my closest friends are both PG.... so feeling very down again :cry: - seeing this gave me a lovely boost this morning so thank you!

  • Thats ok-I'd just read it on another thread and thought-oh thats today. Felt really silly when Lilac said you were on hols!
    Hope you had a good time.
    Sorry to hear about your friends-which seems like an awful thing to say but it is so hard not to be jealous when you have been trying so hard.
    Sending you lots of PMA!xx
  • Thanks Hjanea - it is really hard not to be so jealous - i think in total now I have 5 pregnant friends and one who has had a baby recently and as much as I am really chuffed for them it really needs to be my turn soon :cry:

    Thanks for the PMA
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