waaah, i am all headachey :-(

i was the same yesterday, shattered too image

on the plus side i bought the prettiest floor lamp from ikea today image


  • Could this be a sign of a bfp for you? I havent been to ikea for ages, was it busy? xx
  • Hmm, it might be? I have been ill this week though, so it could just be that.

    Ikea wasn't too busy - nothing too bad for saying it was a Saturday.
  • Keeping everything crossed for you! What cd are you on? Im on cd4 so looking forward to using clearblue digi ov sticks this mth! xx
  • Thanks debbie image

    It's cd23 for me, but not sure when AF is due. My average is 26 days, but last two were 28/29 days. I refused to buy any hpt's this week so i'll leave it till next weekend to see what happens.....

    What with the move etc we only bd'd once at the right time, so if I am i'll be impressed!!
  • It only takes once!! Im sure your af wont find you hun im sure you never left her a forwarding address! lol. I cant believe how good your being i would have poas at least twice by now! good luck, keeping everything crossed for you. xxx
  • Thankyou image

    Hope this cycle is a good one for you too!
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