Big Brother, love it or hate it????

Big Brother 9 starts on Thurs, do you love it or hate it ?

Much to everyone who knows me total disbelief I love it. I think it satisfies the nosy cow in me lol xxx:


  • Hate it, but I still have to watch it then I feel like a loser for wasting an hour a day waiting for something interesting to happen. Ha, it is addictive crap! It is just a bunch of wannabe's trying not to be bored, but I still watch it!
  • Love it especially when they fight!

  • Used to love it, now i hate it. I'll still watch on thursday though as i like to see them going in!
  • Yay I'm so glad I'm not alone!!

    My dh's family are really snobby about it which just make me rave about it more just to wind them up haha xxx
  • I was addicted to it last year and never got my gardening done in the evening when lo had gone to bed. I am determined not to even peek this year cos if I do that'll be it-I'll be hooked!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Love it! Can't wait until tomorrow!!!
  • i love it we watched the auditions the other night and some one my oh knows has got through to the last few!!!!!hope he makes it on the program!!!
  • Love it! Can't wait for Thurs. x
  • love to watch it & rant & rave about how they all annoy me!!!

    but only watch the channel 4 show, find the live feed boring most of the time and a bit jumpy!! & it really annoys me when they cut the sound out!!!!
  • I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I have NEVER watched a Big Brother for more than 60seconds. And that one was where that guy (bubble I think he was called) fell over a foot stool or something.

    It really p****s me off that all those silly little wannabe's consider themselves to be 'celebs' just after being on that stupid programme!!!

    Why the hell do C4 insist on churning it out every bloody year???!!!!
  • I agree with Babybump! it is everything I hate about tv and people - in fact I have no words to describe how I feel about it lol.
  • I love BB. My partner, every year say's "Im not watching that rubbish" but then, always does!!!! He's usually the one that say's "Ohh, big brother is on... where's the remote, where's the remote" :lol: :lol: :lol:

    It's so addictive. Love it.
  • Totally love it and am totally addicted every year even though I always say i'm not going to bother every year!!! I've got a dilema tomorrow night though, I said i'd go to the cinema with my brother but I didn't realise that was then when BB starts and I love the first night when they all go in the house, I don't know what to do argh!!! x
  • Used to think it was great but not im not so into it. Who knows maybe this time it might be beta so I think I will tune in for a while. Good for distracting the mind I suppose, he he.
  • Lulubell, I think your onto something, maybe it will take my mind off ttc, lord knows i need that!!
    So glad to see so many love-its can't wait to start moaning complaining and generally slagging off all this years contestents!
    I love the fact they all think they are celebs when they leave but 2 weeks after it finishes noone can even remember their names!!
    My dh always says he won't watch it too but can be found on the sofa just about the time it starts!!!
    maxi xxx
  • i love the new bb house cant wait to c who is going in
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