For anyone who's using a CBFM - FUNNY!

Came across this and it made me chuckle image

Instant message conversations with my ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor

Cycle day 1

julie: hey.
clearblue_monitor: m!
julie: huh?
clearblue_monitor: m!
julie: m?
clearblue_monitor: m. god!
julie: what?
clearblue_monitor: wait. hang on. you paid 150 bucks for me and you can't be bothered to read the goddamn directions?
julie: stop blinking at me. i can't think when you're doing that.
clearblue_monitor: look. i'll make this easy. are you bleeding? is it cycle day 1?
julie: yes.
clearblue_monitor: then hit the "m" button and hold it down for a few seconds.
julie: mmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmMMMMmm
clearblue_monitor: you don't have to hum while you do it.
julie: mmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmm MMMMMMMM mmm
clearblue_monitor: especially not the flying monkeys theme from the wizard of oz.
julie: are we done here?
clearblue_monitor: yes.
julie: MMMMMMMM mmm!
clearblue_monitor: this job is gonna suck.

Cycle day 5
julie: hey.
clearblue_monitor: pee on a stick.
julie: okay. which end goes where?
clearblue_monitor: you know, the manual tells you. it even has pictures.
julie: indulge me.
clearblue_monitor: fine. "Hold the Test Stick pointing downwards in your urine stream for 3 seconds only." that means the spongy part goes in the pee. the business end by your business end.
julie: yeah, that part i got. i mean where do i put the stick next?
clearblue_monitor: look at me.
julie: okay.
clearblue_monitor: are you looking?
julie: yes.
clearblue_monitor: do you see that long slot on my front?
julie: yes.
clearblue_monitor: all right, keep looking.
julie: okay.
clearblue_monitor: now, do you see ANY OTHER PLACE you could POSSIBLY insert a stick?
julie: you don't have to get so snippy.
clearblue_monitor: if you're finding that difficult, the manual also gives an alternate placement option.
clearblue_monitor: you could shove it up your asssssss.
julie: somehow i doubt that's actually in the instructions.
clearblue_monitor: like you'd know.

Cycle day 6

julie: hey.
clearblue_monitor: pee on a stick.
julie: i did! look! fresh pee!
clearblue_monitor: "Holding the Test Stick by the cap with the cut corner of the Test Stick pointing downwards, put it into the Test Stick Slot."
julie: pee for all my friends!
clearblue_monitor: jesus. "Push the Test Stick down until it lies flat and clicks into place."
julie: gather round, y'all! i brought pee! no shoving ???????? there's plenty for everyone.
clearblue_monitor: you're not funny. now listen: "When you have inserted the Test Stick correctly, the 'Test Stick' symbol will FLASH for 5 minutes while the Monitor reads and interprets the information in your urine."
julie: whoa, information in my urine.
clearblue_monitor: just put it in, okay?
julie: i wonder what it knows.
clearblue_monitor: lh and estrogen. can i have that stick now?
julie: okay, it's in.
clearblue_monitor: thanks.
julie: now tell me the last five books i checked out from the library.
julie: i bet you can't.
julie: what number am i thinking of?
clearblue_monitor: i can't believe this.
julie: WRONG!
clearblue_monitor: you can take the stick out.
julie: it was six. hahahaha MORON. think you're so smart.
clearblue_monitor: please just turn me off.

Cycle day 8

julie: hey.
clearblue_monitor: pee on a stick.
julie: i'd love some, thanks! everything's better on a stick, after all.
clearblue_monitor: i am afraid to ask what you mean.
julie: you know, like corn dogs.
clearblue_monitor: i hate this job.
julie: pass the ketchup.

Cycle day 9

julie: hey.
clearblue_monitor: pee on a stick.
julie: soap on a rope.
clearblue_monitor: pee on a stick.
julie: fun on a budget!
clearblue_monitor: pee on a stick.
julie: snakes on a plane!
clearblue_monitor: pee on a stick.
julie: motherfucking pee on a motherfucking stick.
clearblue_monitor: christ on a cracker. just pee on a stick.

Cycle day 10

julie: hey.
clearblue_monitor: pee on a stick.
julie: paging mr. freely, mr. i. p. freely.
clearblue_monitor: you know, i reallllly dislike you.
clearblue_monitor: hey, hey, hey, we got something!
julie: really?
clearblue_monitor: yep. high fertility!
julie: *chicka-bowwwwwwww* i'm so glad you're here, mr. cable tv repairman! i just can't seem to get the female end of my co-ax to couple properly with the male. i wonder if you'd mind taking a goooood close look at my splitter. *chicka-bowwwwwwww*
clearblue_monitor: oh, my god. no wonder you're not pregnant.

Cycle day 12

julie: hey.
clearblue_monitor: pee on a stick.
julie: duly watered.
julie: i'd like you better if you had some flashing red and blue lights.
julie: and perhaps a siren.
julie: so all my neighbors would know we were about to, you know, hit it scorpion-style.
julie: they'd probably send over a plate of brownies.
julie: or a houseplant.
julie: or perhaps a flask of astroglide.
clearblue_monitor: isn't there something else you should be doing right now?
julie: right. right. *chicka-bowwwwwwww* thanks for coming so quickly, mr. plumber's helper! i hope you brought your heavy duty snake this time.

Cycle day 27

julie: hey.
clearblue_monitor: m!
julie: nope.
clearblue_monitor: m?
julie: nope!
clearblue_monitor: hmmm.
julie: i know.
clearblue_monitor: you're probably pregnant.
julie: nah.
clearblue_monitor: we'll discuss this later.

Cycle day 28

julie: hey.
clearblue_monitor: m!
julie: no!
clearblue_monitor: whoa.
julie: i know!
clearblue_monitor: you're probably pregnant.
julie: nah.
clearblue_monitor: you totally are.
julie: i'm not.
clearblue_monitor: you sure?
julie: you think so?
clearblue_monitor: well, we'll talk again tomorrow.

Cycle day 29:

julie: hey.
clearblue_monitor: m!
julie: m.
clearblue_monitor: oooh. bleeding?
julie: yeah.
clearblue_monitor: not pregnant, then.
julie: nope.
clearblue_monitor: hahahahahahahahaha i knew it.
julie: asshole.
clearblue_monitor: HAAAAAAAhahahahahahahaha.
clearblue_monitor: sucker
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