Do you think testing at 11po was too early. Also i tested in the evening and my friend just told me it is the worse time to test??



  • I would agree that fmu would be better as that would be when your hcg should be at the highest. Best to wait until day af is due or better still day after (never happens) - with my 2nd I was 3 weeks late and still showing BFN and it took a blood test to prove I was. Only a few days to go - you can do it!!
  • Thanks hun what does fmu mean?

    The thing is this is my first natural bleed from coming off the pill so I have no idea when AF is due really? This friday makes cd28 but i know i wont be on then. I might try and wait till AF comes or test some time next week.

    k xx
  • FMU means first morning urine hun.
    Your not testing are you K-lou...............What? After all that slapping lol
  • It says on my clear blue test that if you are testing before AF is due(28 days) then use FMU for most accurate results but also that early on the test can only be 50% reliable. Try on the friday and you might get a more accurate result.

    I'm in exactly the same situation and have no idea when my AF is due (first month off the pill) but my 28th day will be tomorrow and oh boy, do you get itchy fingers with that test sitting in the drawer!

    It has been hell on earth to force myself to wait until tomorrow to find out.But I've done it...so far! lol.
  • I am 3 days late now but no sore boobs, they feel 'fuller' but no soreness etc, I did a test which was BFN but just now bought another 2pack of CBD to do with FMU in the morning. Is it possible with no other symptoms apart from no period?? Silly question really as there are people who have no idea they are pregnant till they suddenly realise they are very late!

    Just want either af or bfp as I'm fed up of wondering every time i go to the loo!!!
  • I tested 11dpo and got bfn. Tested again 14dpo and got BFP so try to hang on a bit longer if you can! x
  • Thanks you my lovely ladies you make me feel better all the time image

    I bought two clear blue ones so will wait maybe till the weekend like sat morning and do it again then and if BFN then wait for a week to see if AF comes and maybe test again?

    Thank you girls

    K xx
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