I'm out

Temp dropped from 36.8 yesterday to 36.2 (way below coverline) this morning, about 12dpo so I guess thats me out. Burst into tears poor hubby didn't know what to do.

Just waiting for af to show her evil face now, no cramps yet just horrid backache and achey legs.

I'm gonna take a bit of time out from here, but will be checking up on the rest of you lovelys to make sure you get your bfps, also heeeuge congrats to you girlies with your bf this month!!!

Hugs and babydust xxx


  • Sorry to hear that hun ((hugs)) a bit of time relaxing will do you the world of good xx
  • Sorry hun, sending you a big hug maybe you could still get a BFP tho as I have heard of people temp dropping and still getting a BFP.

    I dont temp hun so I wouldnt really no - thanks for replying on my post its horrible being stuck in limboland.

    I hope you get your BFP soon hun xx
  • im so sorry hun, sending bug hugs.

    you know i was just coming on to post the same kinda post. i am only 4dpo but the cramps have strated again. im going to step back a bit altogether, dont think im even going to chart ov. i am stamping about here shouting at everyone.

    hun if you want to keep in touch by email just click on my email button.xxxx
  • Aw no, so sorry to hear your news?!! We were gonna get our bfp's an be bump buddys this month...TYPICAL!!

    Well take care an keep in touch!! image xx
  • Thank you for your support girlies, means a lot, you'd all better get those bfps!

    (((hugs))) xxx
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