Afternoon Ladies

Well the title says it all lol.....

The story cycle lengths have been between 30-39 days so I wasnt totally sure when I would be OV so I checked on some baby sites on their OV calulators and worked out a couple of dates from what they were saying. HOWEVER ha ha this is where the confusion comes in....last week from the Tuesday til the Saturday I had EWCM (which from the calculations I was given I shouldnt of had it yet) so naturally we BD....then from Sunday until last night I was (sorry tmi) but dry as a bone and we BD last night and it was painful, but this morning I wiped and there was a big splodge of EWCM, just been to the bathroom again and there is some there but more like a smearing of it and it feels very slippery when I wipe.....sorry girls tmi again I know lol

So I have no idea what to think.....we have BD every night this week and it shall continue lol....any ideas though???? :\)


  • Oooooo we are lol, thank you for the reply though hun xxx
  • lmao, i agree with julianne lol hope ur feeling better? xxx
  • Hey hun....sorry I did get your email on FB I was going to reply later lol....yeah I am feeling better thank you sweetie. Hows you today has AF nearly gone? xxxx
  • I have just read this on another baby site still alittle confused to definitely going to just keep BD and hope one of them little buggars gets up there lol xxx'

    During the few days leading up to ovulation, when you're most fertile, you'll have more discharge - clear and slippery with the consistency of raw egg white. It should also be stretchy'
  • yes af is on her way out! wooop! sop getting down to some serious baby making this month! woohoo. had a chat with hubs last night about ttc, and we agreed that if im not pg by november then we will book a trip to new york for jan 2011. that way its win win, so gives us something to take our minds off ttc, and u never no may end up in a bfp, so im happy if we get pg in the next 4 months, and if we dont we go to new york, so im happy now image
  • wow huni New York is amazing you will love it if you havent already been lol....I am sure you will get it soon sweetie, definately get down to some serious BD this month....just jump on him every night lol xxxx
  • well I tested using my new OV sticks last night and got a BFN so lord knows what that CM was yesterday....its all gone now and last night yet again I was as dry as a bone sorry tmi I know.
    However today I am sat here at work and I just feel like AF has come....that wet feeling you get so going to go and check in a minute because if she has then it is way too early for her image xxxx
  • o no, sounds confusing? but i have read that ewcm comes approx 3 days b4 ov, so maybe u r about to? im not too sure as ive never used ov sticks, also some ladies have said they had no peak all month, then got tehir bfp, so just keep bd'ing and stay hopeful xxxx
  • Hi hun

    Same happened to me, i had ewcm last sun which was only CD18 but if thats right and you ov 3 days later then that would make CD21 and I have a 35-45 day cycle. (bit irregular)

    Anyway am like you hopingtobeamummy as I am dry as a bone too and very confused. We cant bd anymore now as hubby is going for a sperm analysis on monday and we have to abstain!!

    Anyway wishing you the best of luck image

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