Trying again

Hi everyone

I'm back to join you all. I got pregnant after 1 month of trying, but miscarried at about 7 weeks. The whole process was pretty awful but we are feeling confident enough to start trying again. I haven't had a period since the mc (I went in to hospital for a managed mc on the 23rd April, but had been bleeding 3 weeks before then and bled for 2 weeks after) so I don't think we will manage it for a while, I suppose I'll need to be regular again.

I have been hovering about for a few days, feeling a little too emotional to post.

Anyway...wish us luck, baby dust to all of you xx


  • Hi Mrs Matthews, just wanted to wish you luck and it's good that you have found the strength to try again. I had an erpc on 27th Apr due to mmc and stopped bleeding just over 3 wks later. I have no idea what to count as my first day of cycle, but we have also just decided to try again. Well, my husband always wanted to but said it was up to me and when I was ready. I'm pretty much terrified of getting pregnant again and don't know how i'll handle the 1st 12 weeks, but I want a child more so we are going to try again.

    I hope you get good news soon, good luck with everything and so sorry that you've had to go through a horrible time, heres to the future for both of us! xx

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  • I know exactly what you mean...I want to try again so much, but nothing terrifies me more than the thought of being pregnant again and the same thing happening. I have no idea how to count my cycle now, but we figure we should just go for it so to speak!

    Good luck to you too xx
  • Hi hun, I'm on my first cycle post mc and due to test Tuesday! It is very scary, all of the naivety has been taken out of pregnancy and I fear that I'm going to be constantly worrying over every little thing. But at the end of the day, I really want to be a mummy, and in order to do so I have to go through pregnancy so here goes nothing...

    Good luck hun!
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