BBT dip (implantation?)

hi ladies,

i have been using opks and bbt this month and know that i ov'd around last thursday and my temps went up about 5 days ago - meaning i did ov.
i had a slight dip this morning (literally from 36.70 to 36.65) so only .05 - but does anyone know if the 'implantation' dip is severe, gradual, or just lasts one day? is this too little to be implantation? is it just one of those things?! help! x


  • Hey hun, from everything I've read the dip is meant to be quite big - normally below your coverline and it lasts for just one day. I would probably just put the difference in your temps down to normal variation as it is so small (could be that you slept with your mouth open or something)...but you never know. Everyone is different so keep your fingers crossed that it could still be a sign that you're on your way to a bfp...not all women even get implantation dips!!.x.
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