Where in my cycle am I if in a cycle at all????


  • As some of you may remember I posted here a couple of weeks ago about my period after finishing my pill.
    Well here it is in brief:
    26th Dec Finished my pill
    3rd January started with brown discharge (although was quite heavy for it to have been just discharge, sorry TMI!)
    5th January discharge tailed off
    6th January started again, heavier than before but still mostly brown with some fresh red blood.
    10th January it all stopped.

    Where am I in this cycle, if it is a cycle at all?
    Help please!!!!
  • Well you could maybe class the 6th Jan as CD1, my periods always last 4 days anyway, or should i say 3 and then just pink when i wipe on the 4th day. If you want to "be in a cycle" at the moment then i would class the 6th as CD1 and got from there. Then if between now and say the 6th Feb you actually get what you would consider a "proper period" as in just red blood at full flow then start again and class that as CD1, unless it is around CD28 cause then that could be a fresh cycle.

    I hope all of that makes sense, correct me if i am wrong but isnt the 1st bleed off of the pill just the (excuse me) crap been cleared out of your body so you could actually get a full red bleed before the 28days.
    tink xx
  • Thanks Tinks!
    I was on cerazette which is taken continuously so never had a period while on it so wasn't sure if what I had was withdrawl bleed or not?
  • It could have been. I have been on cerazette and i had a withdrawal bleed. x
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