Anyone had BFN AT 9/10DPO and then gone on to get a BFP??

As it says really! I've tested early i know but i was just wondering if theres still a chance....didnt even get a faint line image


  • Hey - I haven't but I remember seeing a thread on this before - and quite a lot of people have had BFNs this early and gone on to get BFPs later on. Apparantly, after 14dpo it is much better although it can be up to 19dpo before anything shows.

    So keep up the pma- hope you get your bfp image

  • hey can't help much as I have only just started ttc. Just wanted you to know that I tested early too and also seem to have a BFN image I think there is still a chance but it does make you feel a bit rubbish! xx
  • I know its too early thats why its soooo annoying!! Really thought i had a chance cos i have really sore breasts and i never suffer with this before AF or any other time of the month, the only time i've had it was when i got my BFP in march last year (ended in mmc) i dont wanna get my hopes up but im gutted.....even tho i shouldnt be. dunno if im making any sense now!! thanks ladies xx
  • Im trying really hard to wait and see if af is late and test Fri if it is but its soooo hard
  • I did last month and went on to test positive at 14DPO, it just wasn't a sticky one. Try to hold on for AF if you can. Fingers crossed for you xx
  • Thanks everyone, sorry to hear that dotty xx
  • just replied on mrsR's aswell. I got bfn's 12,13,14dpo. vv faint bfp's 15dpo, and more convincing lines and cbd bfp in 16dpo. good luck
  • gem it says u've left a message but i cant see it argh?! xx
  • doh there it is! thanks very much, i thought it was u that had....many congrats, hope all is going well xx
  • Hey Pickle, how are you hun?

    I got a BFN at 13DPO then a BFP(although it wasn't sticky) on 17DPO (I think or round about then)

    I've got everything crossed for you

  • Rainbow hunny lovely to see u! Im good thanku even though i think all of this is in my head and it probably means nothing at all!
    How are u? I keep reading your CBFM thread so i know whats going on with everyone still hehe xx
  • Glad you're still keeping an eye on us all! image

    Really hope that it's not all in your head hunny, how's OH?

    I'm doing Ok, first cycle since mc but think I may be putting too much hope oy my little CBFM because it gave me BFP on first time of using last time, time will tell I suppose.

    Wouldn't in be great if we could move to pg together tho image

  • Piiickle!! Step away from the tests!! And STOP testing early!!!!!

    The earlier you find out your pregnant, the sooner you will start worrying about things going wrong so enjoy your 2ww and dont test until AF is offically late!! Okay???? image
  • I had a bfn at 14 dpo, didnt get my bfp til 20 dpo. Hope you get your bfp soon xxx
  • HEHE!! i knew either broody or rainbow would tell me off!!! OH is doing well thanks rainbow, really pleased. Not testing anymore! Breasts still really sore but had a slight browny tinged CM today and i usually get brown spotting day before AF so not looking too hopeful but we will see. Oh i hope so rainbow that would be fab, bump buddies as well seeing as broody just couldnt wait for us haha! hope all is going well hun image

    Thanks for replying lisa, theres still hope yet! xx
  • Hey Pickle! How many DPO are you now? I'm at 18DPO and still too scared to test again just in case it's another BFN after I was disappointed on 14DPO!

  • I never tested until AF was late and won't test until it's late this time...can't face a BFN! I know I'm a wimp!

    Hope you get a BFP soon.
  • I think im about 11DPO mrs robertson, how are u feeling? when is AF due for u? mines due thursday going by a 28 day cycle and im usually quite regular give a day or two either side!! xx
  • I've been anywhere between 30-40 days lately and I'm on CD43 today. I'm having a very negative day today - I reckon AF is just around the corner, mocking me! I'm too scared to test though - I hate it when that single, lonely line shows up! xx
  • I know what u mean hunny! I got really mad at myself cos what a waste of a test!! Had a bad day at work today and have been mega grouchy so theres definitely some hormones flying around just not sure which ones! Hope u get your answer soon, fingers crossed its a BFP xx
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