really gross,please tell me whats wrong with me!

This really gross... So be warned!

I've gone to the bathroom to find some discharge in my knickers.

Its white and very thick and there's a lot of it.
It doesn't smell, isn't stringy.
Its like.. Philidelphia spread (sorry if you can now never eat that again)

I've never had this before, I'm possibly 1 or 2 dpo...
I'm still getting positive opks, though my ov pains and ewcm have all gone.
Any ideas?


  • Could poss be thrush hun? Or it could just be the last bits of EWCM....dont worry too much hun. If it changes colour or starts to smell maybe get it checked out. Sorry not much help but didnt want to read and run image xxx
  • No, not thrush. I don't know what it is, except gross!! X
  • In my zita west book it says this could signify the peak day? And that ur fertile for three days after this? Is this the actual ov then? And ewcm is just before ov?its caused by a rise in progesterone and fall in oestrogen...
  • Lol don't think I'll be chowing down on any philli for a while! I get thick White cm around ov before ewcm. I wouldn't be too worried if it doesn't smell.
  • if it doesn't smell ther's nothing to worry about. it could be oh's left overs.... sorry, xx
  • lol i love the honesty and the tmi on here! makes me giggle! im with the other if thers no smell i woldnt be worried, poss fertile? xx

  • Thanks for raising this Baby Princess. No, not gross or tmi, so glad you are discussing this as I have a question! Apparently during peak ov, you get egg white mucus. During my peak (used FRFM) I got cloudy white/white mucus and now it's really white and v thick.... I'm supposed to be at my peak 9pm this evening. don't know who oh swimmers will get through. Could I have missed ov or egg or already fertilized? All so confusing:\?:\?:\?

    Sorry ladies if I gross you out even more, but some insight would really help
  • maybe a daft question but how do u know your peak at 9pm?
    im sure its just apart of the fertile period..dont realy have much insight to it..sorry, i wouldnt worry-see a gp if it doesnt go away xx

  • Hello, I am gatecrashing (from Baby and planning) - saw this on the homepage and thought I'd have a nosey over here (I am hopefully going to be joining you ladies in a week or 2 anyway! If you'll have me!)

    I don't want to get your hopes up, and everyone is different, but I only ever had this a couple of times, and that was in very early pregnancy! I hope it's the same for you - what a lovely christmas present that would be! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, and send you lots of baby dust!

    (hope you don't mind me butting in).
  • hi nikki were a lovely lot on here and will look forward in geting to know u!
    thats interesting! learn something new everyday!! xx

  • Oooh nik you have my hopes up now!! Xx
  • Hi Tiannastar, instructions in FRFM says you are at most fertile 36 hrs after LH surge so calculated that from the time I did last test kind-of works out to be 9 this even. I could be wrong, it's all so confusing. Also mucus is not eggwhite like it's supposed to be so guess not ovulating so was FRFM wrong? Saw GP last fri due to back ache and period pains that won't go away after 1st period following cm. She did an internal and said uterus bigger than it should be and possibly fabriods or early pregnancy. Just feel so tired and confused by body.

    sorry again to gatecrash on your post baby-princess.
  • it cant be EWCM as that is clear and srtingy so i would say its just a lot of cm chick i usually get it right up unitl AF
  • lets hope its early pregnancy!? it is very confusing, the best things in life are never simple! well were here for moral support when needed hun xx

  • Thanks, BE is the only thing keeping me sane right now. Just had a little cry on oh shoulders. Can't believe I feel like this already and only in first month! I'm such a wimp....
  • Well haven't had anymore! Thanks for ur advice girlies x x x
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