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Hi and any advice would be good...


I've not been on this forum for ages so thought I would introduce myself.

We've decided to start trying in september, af is due 4 September and the sooner that comes the better and we can start trying.

We already have a son who was a happy accident and is 5 so there is going to be a bit of an age gap but I'm sure it will be fine! I'm a bit clueless as not sot sure when I ovulate but not sure whether to bother with the ov tests? Any advice on them would be great. My cycles are a bit short 24/25 days and to be honest we did try a while back and nothing happened so we've put it off for a while. I'm not feeling very optimistic and I'm 33 nearly and was 26 when I got pg with ds and I'm feeling a bit old! Which I know is silly!!

Not a good sign that PMA is a bit low but I know everyone on the forum is usually really good at boosting pma!

I'm really really excited but scared! Looking forward to getting to know you all!

I hope you all get your bfp's soon and babydust to everyone!


  • Hi meem, welcome back.

    I'm 32 and feel I'm ready to try for no.1, so at 33 you are not old!

    As for ov sticks, some love them some hate them. Personally I never got a positive, so I stopped using them. But I know I ov from other signs.

    The most important thing is to try to stay relaxed, which is easier said than done. So if you feel ov sticks will make you feel more in control, or if they will stress you out. The choice is yours.

    Hope you get a bfp soon. xx
  • hi hun,

    first of all, good luck for september! i hope your stay here is short image

    re ov tests. it is up to you - it depends on how much you want to know whether you are ovulating or not. once i started ov testing i became hooked and now i can't help but POAS around ov time. and i'm silly and don't buy the cheap tests so it can be expensive. it can be stressful as well, but at the end of the day i want to know when i am ovulating and when I get a + i feel great knowing my body is working.

    do you monitor your CM at all? because this could be another way, if you didn't want to buy ov tests.

    if you want to take the laid back approach to ttc, and just have fun and not get stressed at all or bother with ov tests, i would say BD every other day through your cycle, or every day around when you think you may ov (usually 14 days before your AF is due, so I guess around days 10 and 11 for you?)

    whatever you decide, good luck!!

    sending you lots of PMA and babydust. try to stay positive - your age is fine!!

  • Hi Meem
    I'm also 32 and we have been trying since we got married in May for our first. Alot of people don't start trying for their first until they are in their 30's so it's quite the norm now.
    For the first couple of months I didn't really look out for any signs and we just bd frequently but as time has gone on i have got into ov sticks and this just reassures me that i am ov when i think i should be.
    I have cycles that can last anything from 24 to 28 days but they are usually shorter at 25 days so it does keeps me guessing each month - but at least when they are shorter you are ov more often.
    I seem to have PMA at the start of my cycle and then it tails off a bit when af arrives but i am positive im going to manage that a bit better this month if it happens!
    But PMA and baby dust for us all this month - May babies! x

  • Thanks for your replies ladies. Feel a bit better about my age and I think I will give ov sticks a whirl at some point. Trying not to get too stressed about it though so I might put off the ov sticks for a couple of months and bd when I can and check the cm (where's the romance image

    I hope you all get your bfps soon. It's soooo exciting and I'll keep my fingers crossed for everyone.

    Take care. Babydust *********************
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