Extemely sore boobs!! Help

hi ladies.

Just wondering if you have any opinions on this.

for the past week I have had the most painful boobs I have ever known, I cant even walk up the stairs with out it hurting. I know ladies can get sore boobs before AF but is it normal to have it for a week or more. AF is due today or the next couple of days (not really sure since only had coil removed 18 May and last cycle was 23 days). I did a HPT a couple of days ago and it was BFN. but my bbobs are that sore I could cry, I cant sleep, cant wear my usual bra's and I'm getting rather niggly about it.

Really would appreciate any feedback concerning this one.

Wendy xx


  • don't want to be negative but when i was on the pill i used to get some mths where my boobs where like this, not every mth, it was really random!!
    it could just be your body getting back into rythem!!
  • I have never been on the pill and normally only get sore boobs for a couple of days before AF but in our 1st month ttc they hurt so much they felt they had been battered. Even my clothes over them was enough to make me wince. It lasted for about 2 and a half weeks. The body is so cruel sometimes xx
  • Hi Hun,

    Don't want to get your hoprs up too high but you might be pregnant. I never have experienced any sore boobs during AF time! ONe month i get incredible sore boobs just before I was due on so I did HPT and guess what? BFP!
    Here's hoping it's the same for you!
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