hi im on cd 27 out of 28 and am due af on monday but today i felt like she had arrived early but when i wiped (soz for tmi) there was only a small abit of pink in alot of cm (now ive started to k-lou,lol) and that was about 11 this morning. anyway i still thought it was af coming early so put a pad on but have had nothing since,nothing all at! now i know nothing about implantation but could this be it? know i shouldnt get my hopes up but cant help it,lol. when does implatation normally happen?
pls pls help. if you need any more info just ask i need to know whats happening!


  • I had this tuesday put a tampax in and when I took it out there was only a very small amount of blood. I have had nothing since cm has gone back to normal and I am now 3 days late. Tested this morning but the test was a dud and I have no more. I am also hoping this is a good sign but don't want to get my hopes up. Fingers crossed for us both!
  • thank you for reply. i keep going back to the loo,just to check but there is nothing. i do have a test in bathroom but was going to keep it until monday morning. would a first response test show up the day before af due? can i do it any time of day? might go get one 2moro,cant be bothered right now :lol:
    good luck with testing? when are you going to do next test? i think you should go and get one and do it! go poas!!
  • Hi

    A first response claims to get positives 6 days before af due. But some bfp's take longer to show than others.

    I got pink spotting before af, which turned to brown, then more brown, then red af. But if you have had that one instance then nothing, sounds good. Implantation is pink of brown in the cm.

    Let us know! xx
  • i experienced very similar, i took a test today it came up neg so i am gonna wait now until next month as i keep getting my hopes up, mine was exactly the same only lasted a day and a half, brown and when wiped very pink but very light, then that was it, nothing after, so i am keeping my fingers crossed for us both now!! i aint got no hands to do aanother test now !! all crossed xx i think i was too early on test af aint showed up so all we can do is wait x sounds promising though doesnt it
  • well im going to get a 1st response test today and do it when i get home aftre work so will let you know. probably get bfn but at least i will know,lol. thanks again girls. got my fingers crossed for everybody too xx
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