Hello Ladies,

Some of you might not remember me but I was a regular on here until ttc almost made me loose my mind. I needed a break from ttc as I was getting alot upset with BFNs!!!

But after a little break, hubby and I have decided to give it another go!! I really want a 2010 baby!!! All my friends have had a baby of are a pregnant and its is making me fill positive.

So its out with CBFM and let the beding begin!


  • Hi Mrs Fair I'm gatecrashing from due in May.

    Just wanted to say welcome back, I remember you from when I was TTC and we both had a missing AF and you gave me lots of lovely advice. Just wanted to send you lots and lots of baby dust and all the best for 2010 hope you get that BFP soon

    Happywife xxx
  • hello and welcome Mrs Fair and lots of baby dust your way image
  • Welcome back, I wasnt on here before when you were but its nice to see your back : )

    Good luck for 2010
  • Thank you so much ladies,

    happywife of course i remember that time. Congratulations!!!

    I am hoping the new year will bring alot of blessings to all of us!!! Lots of baby dust ladies xx
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