anyone online now?


  • BE ate my reply maybe were not meant to chat lol

    im here image

    how are you today?
  • I'm here too, what's your chat??

    J x
  • i'm fine,and yourself?

    what cd are u on?
  • BE keeps eating my long replys so heres a short one
    what month ttc are ye on? i'm on one month and its driving me insane already as i want a BFP now (stomps her feet) how selfish am i?

  • i think I am 11 dpo getting anxious to test for the first time ever! What cd are you on?
  • been trying since Dec, came off pill Nov - not worried yet but soooo impatient!!!
  • Be is being naughty tonight lol

    im ok chick bloody cold but ok lol

    im on month 22 now i think!!! :roll: lol not sure what cd i usually just look back on my last moaning post haha

    on your first month,stressful eh x

    remember copy before you send
  • i'm on cd7 (c how impatient i am) as i got another AF 2 weeks ago (have just come off pill)

    oh how excited are u ? when u going to test?

  • ok BE have some manners now.

    grudie: sorry to b so nosey but are u using opk or something else?

    i feel bad moaning now.............

  • I shld prob wait till af due/late but as I'm demolishing a small house this weekend (really!!) I kinda want to know cause if its a bfp don't want to be lifting stupidly heavy stuff but if not I need to pull my weight.

    Never tested before but this month find I really really want to! I'm so so hopeful this is it!

    Scared to test as don't want a bfn x
  • i used my CBFM for 6 months so more or less know what to look for in my cycle and dates i ov now so just go with the flow again,full circle weve turned lol

    dont be daft chick ttc is very stressful x

    when you due AF sun shine? xx fingers crossed xx
  • if i was u, i wouldn't do too much heavy lifting just to be safe say u hurt ur back.
    sending u lots of babydust

  • have to sign off now as hubbie has come to bed so goodnight ladies nice chatting to ye and sending ye lots and lots and ;ots of babydust.
    hopefully chat to ye again soon

  • af due Mon so I'm nearly there!
    Last month I was spotting by this time and then had a really heavy flow the whole next week. So happy that nothing happening yet!

    Think I will try to avoid any heavy lifting this weekend - we've got about ten pals helping us and I am meant to cater for them so that will be my excuse for not lifting too much.

    buckets of baby dust to you both and of course some in reserve for myself too!! lol x

  • bah be ate my reply! I hate when that happens.

    Af due Mon so not long to wait. Might quietly try not to lift too much over the weekend but don't want anyone to wonder what I am up to as we have 10 of our closest friends helping us demolish the house! talk about awkward!

    Anyways ,buckets of babydust to you both, night night x x

  • obviously my reply was safe after all!

    night x
  • hi everyone, im new on this just joined to day. hows everyone? x
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