Getting my hopes up:(

im not due on for another 1 n half - 2 weeks, but couldnt help doing a test.......................negative. I knew i was getting my hopes up trying so early. With my son it took 3 months. I had quite bad cramps sunday/monday but now all gone, only thing im left with now is sore boobs. I was convinced id conceived but now im not sure, any1 else tested early but then turned out to be pregnant?? x


  • Hey Jojo! Don't get disheartened, I'd say you are far too early to be testing, if you're not due on for 1.5-2 weeks then its likely that the cramps you felt at the weekend were you ovulating.I would test again in 10 days are so as thats the earliest you are likelyt to see a BFP

    Good luck hon x
  • Hey hun, my af is due in 2 days but I've resisted testing. Going slightly out of my mind now...

    You are probably too early so don't feel down, is this your first month for #2? X
  • i new it was way too early but atleast i know its early rather than wondering, im not a very patient person so this is like mental torture lol. friend of mine had cramps and midwife told her it was implantation cramps, so im hoping its that. time will tell x
  • and yeah first month of trying for 2nd x
  • I know its so tempting to test, but if was too early don't get down. Could it have been ovulation cramps?
  • Don't worry hon, if you aren't due AF for 1-2 weeks it was definately too early to test so there is still hope xx
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