:lol: af due 19.11.09, and im still getting cramps and slight lower back ache, getting an outbreak on skin too! (normally have perfect skin!) implantation or af early/getting ready?

ss i know, but cant help it ! xx


  • Hiya,

    TBH hun, I just do't know! Although I really hope it is your month. I think our bodies like to play tricks on us and because we are so much more sensitive and in tune with our bodies when we are TTC, then we notice everything.

    Good luck

  • pain in the ass too! i know its more than likely nothing but too excited! xx
  • Hope it's your implantation!! My AF is due on the 21st, my tummy feels tight today and I had pink CM the day after ovulation!! SS is terrible isn't it!!

    Good luck xx
  • ooo, i hope we all get our bfps! im getting married next august, so if it doesnt happen this month il have to stop ttc image xx
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