Well I won't be pregnant this year!!

My donor has been called away and I have ov pains at the moment so thats it for me for this year as my next but one af will be due in january. I just hope he can make next time. I even asked G's dad if he wanted to 'give me a specimen in a pot' but he declined-I was only asking tongue in cheek but would have used it if he had agreed!!!
I'm quite pi$$ed off about it but on the bright side I don't have to madly rush around cleaning after G has gone to bed.


  • Hey H! Oh that's annoying, isn't it? It was worth asking G's dad - after all, if you don't ask you don't get! I know it's not ideal but at least you can have a nice relaxing xmas with G and not have to fret about donors and ov time and then you can start afresh in Jan and bag that 2010 BFP!

    Lots of love, K xxx
  • aww hun so sorry, hope 2010 is your year.xx
  • Oh hun (((hugs))))

    U will have a 2010 baby image

    gems xx
  • Good on you Helen for asking G's dad. Too bad he wasn't forthcoming. Wishing you loads of luck for a very early 2010 BFP.xx
  • Oh Helen, im sorry that you wont have your bfp this year but im sure you will do everything possible to make sure you get it in 2010!!
    Good luck Helen xxxxxx
  • Sorry to read that Helen, wishing all the lick for 2010 xxx
  • I dont mean to be nosy but when you say donor do you mean you dont have a OH? Sorry to sound stupid i just didnt realise your situation :\)

    Tink xx
  • Thanks everyone!
    Hi Tink, yes I'm a single mum who desperately wants another child before its too late (I'm 41 soon) but I'm happy on my own and not in a position to meet anyone so I am ttc via do it yourself donor artificial insemination, which isn't all that pleasant but if I get pg it will be worth it!
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