trying for baby no.2 officially

Hiya girls!!

I'd just wanted to re-introduce myself as we have just decided for definate that we are going to go for it and ttc baby no.2!! We'd kind of decided to go for it sooner rather than later bt Ive just had my first period since having Amber so we had to decide for definate one way or the other - use contraception or not.....

Right - so I have a 12 week old daughter called Amber who is the absolute light of our lives - we are just so lucky to have her and we are totally amazed that we are taking to being parents amazingly well - I was absolutely petrified when I was pregnant but I honestly dont know what I was worried about - I LOVE being a Mum. image So much so that we want to complete our family with another lo so they can be close together in age image

The funny thing is - if we are incredbly lucky (as it took 2 yrs for Amber to arrive) and get a BFP in the 1stmonth - the due date will actually be Amber's birthday - 26th Nov!! Bit scary but unlikely I guess - except my body does seem to be working properly this time round. I am having (sorry tmi) THE heaviest af ever and I had ewcm 2 weeks ago - so theres every chance Im ovulating as last time I wasnt and I had really light periods until I started on the tablets that got me to ovulate image Sooooooo fingers crossed it wont be such a long wait this time - though i am still a litle scared it will - time will tell....

Ive gone on long enough.........sooo Hiiii *waves hello* girls and good luck to you all - I hope we all have a fun ttc journey....

xax and Amber 12 weeks


  • *waves back*

    Congratulations on the birth of your LO & I hope your stay in TTC is a very short one (in the nicest possible way) image

    I'm Curls...just going into my 9th month trying for my 1st image

    Baby dust to you

    x x x x
  • hi im also ttc number 2 our son is almost 9 months and this our 2nd month of ttc. i was lurking on here for months though!! waiting on hubbie to come round to the idea. i also have an older son who is almost 13. hhuuugggeee age gap and def want 2 close together. plus im not getting any younger. im 34 next month and i can hear my biological clock tic tic ticking.
  • Good luck A!!! Hope its a speedy bfp thid time. Theres 17 months between my sister and I and we always had someone to play with.
  • Hi, im dipping in and out of TTC as we arent officially trying for no.2 but we arent really preventing it either!! My daughter Holly is 6 months and we had initially said we would wait til her 1st birthday but like you, I love being a mum and want her to have a brother or sister close in age.
    Best of luck hope you arent waiting for your bfp for too long

    Lisa xxx
  • me too image like berly my daughter is 9months, and we're just about 2 start trying i think im on CD 7 image x
    ps happened 1st month with our Lo which was amazing as i have PCOS xxx
  • Oooh a few of us ttc bambinos close together then image,

    I'm looking forward to doing the whole ttc thing again now we've finally decided for definate and Ive got used to the idea - I thought it would be dh who would take time to come round to the idea - but it's me who needed to think about it - probably as it was me who was pregnant only 3 months ago and had to get over a difficult labour and em C section lol!
    We were trying to work out if now's a good time and we pretty much realised that there's nothing to put us off - we have the room - we're okish for money - I can cope with taking more time out from work (gladly!) - all the boxes are ticked so now's a good a time as any!

    lisao I remember you from ttc the first time round - I hope you get a nice 'surprise' BFP before you officially start ttcimage

    Feels good to be back and feeling much more positive this time round

    CD2 - here we go - 1st cycle! lol

  • Wow 12 weeks, congrats on Amber, hope baby 2 is on the way soon for you. I have a lo 18 months and I remember Reading about how your so much more fertile just after having a baby so it may not be long at all, good luck Hun x x

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  • Hi

    I have a lo 21 months and a big one at 14! lol third month of ttc as would like age gap closer plus I'm not getting any younger either lol (35 already)

    baby dust xx
  • i'm ttc number 2 aswell!!1 lo is 5 though so not really a lo!!!
    I am just waiting on af as i know she will be here soon!!

    good luck to all mummies to be!!

  • wow when my little one was 12 weeks old I was still a right fatty, had leaking breasts and was still bleeding heavily! Didn't even think about sex for months!!!
    Am ttc no 2 too as well (is 2 now) and am nervous, excited, unsure, never surer etc etc, impatient, obsessed
    Good luck all x
  • LOL justmarried!

    I am probably absolutely bonkers, and I am going through exactly the uncertainty but certainty that I want another one that you are lol! I am totally up for it one minute then the next Im like - what if we arent so lucky and things arent so easy with the next one - will I cope being pregnant with an under 1 yr old - and the big one, will I cope with 2 young babies??? - I am sooooo going through so many differant emotions about it.....
    but it keeps coming back to one thing - we both reeeally want a little brother or sister for Amber quite close together in age and to get that we have to start now - eeeek lol! I dont really want to go through all this again a few yrs down the line - Id rather do it now while Im still fairly young image

    I am still a podge - my tummy is still like jelly - my joints still ache a bit - but I'l sort all that out after we have the next one lol!!

  • oh my goodness - just htink last time we were here you were popsicle. I love this forum so much and i am almost jealous you are back here!!!! We certainly wont be back and think that Toby will be the one and only (however if i were to fall accidently i would love it but unlikely seeing as it took so bloody long last time and i have just had a rod fitted in my arm!) Ohhh just think you could be in bin 2009 and 2010.

    This time last year we were just about to get out BFP

    Good luck and give amber a big hug from Toby and me of course x
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