I didn't get to BD this morning.....

Morning ladies....
I had my peaks wed & Thurs,.on my cbfm B'D sun, mon, wed and was hoping to this morning, My OH came off a 16 hour shift...so we were doing the deed,..n he couldn't well..u kno, (which isn't like him, but think he was exhausted)but then as we were getting sumwhere my DS woke up!!! ahhhhh im so worried that this will spoil my chances, after all the planning (driving miles...to meet my oh cus he was working away while i was ov) this instantly put me in a mood with my oh (which is sooo silly) ...well it still count if we manage to bd early afternoon?



  • You sound like you have covered the month really well hun, try again this afternoon if you can but try not to worry now, you have done plenty image xxxx
  • we've done it...woohoo, not as worried!! but still got the dreaded 2ww...then most likely AF!!!boohoo xxx hope we all get our bfp!! xxx
  • im sure u will image u certanly have bd'd enough anyways lol xxxxx
  • hi lianne, i think you will be fine! I got my peaks same as you and my high this am. We will bd tonight like you but temp went up this am - so have already ov'd so it is unlikely to do anyhting anyway. You have prob ov'd yetserday anyway and even if you didnt, you will be covered. Lets def share symptoms over next few weeks. Could do with some support on this 2ww. We have both been trying for ages and deserve our turn soon! x
  • thats sound enough, you got your little extra in too! good luck, i concieved after only having sex on my last peak x
  • Yes Samsa...we def gota keep in touch...have u had any sympyoms yet? feel any different?xx
  • hi lianne, just feel really positive this month but dont know why! have replied on our cycle buddy thread too x
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