cd 19 - finally smiley face on cbd, how longs the window?

Hi, it is cd 19 and ive finally got my smiley face on the cb digitaal ov test. we last bed on mon night, will bd again tonight and tomorrow night. does the smiley face mean i am ovulating or im about to? ive had no cm as yet, had a bit at 6pm last night but nothing since so worried i was ovulating last night and that by tonight it will be too late? is this right or does my cb ovulating mean im about to??
im feeling so positive today gonna go to work with a smile on my face image
thanks ladies babydust to you all xxxxxx


  • hello

    glad you finally got your smiley image the smiley usually means you will OV in the next 24-48 hours so now now now :lol:

    good luck i OVed on CD19 this cycle (the earliest ever!) so hoping its a lucky day!

  • It means you are about to OV, so its go go go!

    I got my first ever smiley yesterday at lunchtime, CD9 for me though so another super short cycle.

    I tested again when i got in from work at 6 and it was negative again, so BD'ed last night. Hubby's away tonight so hoping last night and then tomorrow will be enough....

    Good luck for the 2ww, i'm going to try and keep my PMA going strong, while keeping chilled at the same time. i know i will probably fail with the last one, lol.


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