Where is my smiley face? :-(

Am starting to have serious doubts if I'm ov'ing anymore - am worried that I am going through early menopause. Has anyone had tests to check to see if they are ov'ing and can this be done at home???

I don't have any symptons as such (hot flushes) etc.....but I just get this feeling.....Have only had 2 Af's since coming off pill 8 months ago - last one was 19 days ago and have been testing with CBD ov test - but nothing - no smiley face to indicate LH surge. Have now moved on to cheapy access diagnostics tests and still not getting any lines. Not sure how much longer I can keep POAS and seeing nothing at all to indicate that I have even got a shot at getting pregnant. Anyone been in a similar situation? PMA is going downhill fast......Any advice appreciated
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