A POSITIVE story for all older girls and CBFM users

Hello ladies

I've been a bit of a lurker on here for a while but have never posted, so I'm especially pleased that my first post is to tell you I'm pregnant! I've learned so much from you all lovely ladies, particularly hearing all the success stories, so thought I better share mine too.

I'm 36 so thought I'd be in it for the long haul. Came off the pill in late December, got first period mid Feb and then cycles seemed to be settling down to about 34 days. We weren't really trying properly until last month when I got a Clearblue Fertility Monitor. Didn't get a peak reading (i.e. when you ovulate) until CD25 so was convinced all through the month I wasn't ovulating. But I obviously was and I'm now pregnant and I really can't believe it, it's still all a bit surreal, like it's happening to someone else if that doesn't sound too werid?!

Anyway, just wanted to thank you girls for all the information, tips, symptoms, signs etc etc, and best of luck to you all.


  • That's lovely to hear and it certainly gives me more hope to hear stories like that, especially when you hear that it gets more difficult once you pass your 30s like me. I am pleased for you and I hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy. x
  • Congratulations Mrs EF, it is great to hear such a positive story! May you have a wonderful healthy 9 months!
    dappy xxx
  • Congratulations hun !!

    I'm almost 32 and I came off the pill last october but didnt seem to be OV, so I bought a CBFM about 4 months ago, I didnt get a peak for the first two months then got a peak last month !!! I had convinced myself it was a one off but I've only gone and got another one today !

    I hope some of your good luck rubs of on me. So far its been a lucky Friday 13th !!!
  • Thanks girls, you really are a lovely bunch!

    Baby Blaylock - know what you mean about getting a peak. Honestly, i was nearly in tears when i was still getting lows on CD21, then got 3 highs on CD22-24, then peak on CD25&26. So all in all a pretty weird cycle. Hope your Friday 13th good luck stays with you and this will be your month too!
  • Congratulations!
  • Thanks for posting and CONGRATULATIONS! I read your reply to me in thCBFM clan and I think you're right. I'll be symptom spotting so I may as well carry on at least with the CBFM for a while longer.
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