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Argh (no longer)

So annoyed - period late but negative pregnancy tests. Whhyyy? I just want to know either way. Yes, I will be happy and I can celebrate with some orange juice. No, I can stuff my face with chocolate and have a large glass of wine.
And breathe. No responses expected just wanted to let it all out.
Updated to say - I finally got my period proper about two hours ago. I know I should be annoyed but I am just happy I know where I stand at the moment. Off to open a bottle of vino...

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  • hi hun, i know how u feel, i'm in exact same position, af is 2 weeks late but got a bfn today, think i'l gonna phone the docs tomorrow as i can not think why she wld be so
  • I feel your pain, it's a bloody nightmare when she does that isn't it? Fingers crossed it's a shy bean hun

  • Hi hun I was exactly the same, mine was 5 days late. The first day I went out with nice knickers on she decided to show up-maybe try that?
  • Good plan Plumduff - maybe if I go to bed in my new white silk nightie...
  • I done the same as plumduff- totally works! white is a winner lol x
  • aw at least you know.At least you know.

    x x x
  • sorry she found you but i know what you mean hun, i get that way, just glad to know.

    enjoy your wine and have plenty of
  • Oh hugs hun it sucks when that happens but look on the bright side you can have a nice glass of vino and be optimistic about your first month of official trying.

    Good luck hun and sending lots of babydust your way xx
  • Lol at the knickers! Mine was 6 days late, felt a bit sad but here's to next month trying. Baby dust to all! xxx
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