Any tips?

Hey guys,
just came off the pill at the start of march, can't wait to get pregnant!!
does anyone have any tips, aprt from the obvious one of having lots of sex! Anyone trying to eat specific foods or anything like that to boost fertility?


  • Hi Mrs C06

    I had been TTC for a while being all relaxed and calm but nothing happened, so looked into it more and worked out my most fertile dates and it said to look out for the ovulation discharge. I didn't have any sex that month until I had the ovulation discharge and bang I got pregnant wish I'd known that a year before as it isn't actually that easy to get pregnant such a small window each month. I was at a good weight of 9 1/2 stone 5ft 6 and went to swimming and yoga twice a week, I practically stopped drinking alcohol and had fruit smoothies including gratefruit regularly. I also took folic acid. I also booked a snowboarding holiday so that if it didn't happen I had something to look forward to, now waiting for insurance to pay my money back as I was 14 weeks when I should have gone. Hope this helps. fingers crossed for you.

  • This might sound silly but when i was trying i did this ...After the 'deed' i put my legs up against the wall for about 20mins to give the little swimmers a chance!

    I dont know whether theres much truth in it but it worked .....3 TIMES!!!

    I'm expecting no.3 and i'm due in just over 6 weeks - really looking forward to it!

    Good luck TTC xx
  • I lost 3 stone, changed my stressful job, gave up smoking and drinking..... what worked the most was stopping thinking about it completely. I began my new job and was so taken up with training that I even mistook my first throes of morning sickness as a tummy bug!!!! After 2 years on constantly hoping and praying something would happen it only did when I stopped thinking about it altogether!
    I am glad i made the effort with my health first though

    Ps and I don't think it had much to do with OH shouting "swim fella's swim!" though it may be worth a try!!!!
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