Hello! Advice please...

Hi girls

I've been lurking for a while so feel that I know you all already!

Finally decided to join last week and now it's my first post, so be gentle please!!!

We're getting ready to start thinking about TTC, but I have no idea how to work out the ovulation thing! How do you work it out and when do you start counting your days - AF has just been and gone so how do I work out which day I'm on?!

Thanks girls,


  • Thanks SB - I'm an ex-YYWer, so already know you!!

    I've changed my name so that I can be incognito for a while!!!

  • Sorry! Needs must though!!!! image

  • Yes, quite an oldie - from the days when it was a pleasant place to be! Been married a few months now... Don't want people to find out that we're thinking about trying yet - it all feels too new and we haven't told anybody in REAL life!!! Hence the new name...

    Hope you don't feel I'm being difficult!

  • hiya, whats YYW?? just being nosey really!!! LOL, good luck with ttc, this is my second month of ttc, i had a lo 2 and a half yrs ago, but that was happy accident so didnt now until now how much u need to plan these things!!!
    Bertie - ive not heard this about men taking folic acid, is this def safe LOL!!?? xxxx



  • oooo im gonna get rich to take it bertie LOL, anything that can help!!!! thanks for indulging my noseyness!!! im not married yet image but will make sure i have a look when he finally pops the questian!!!! xx



  • Im signed up to YYW and posted once but because we dont have a date yet I cant be bothered.

    Good luck mrs buttons, have fun, enjoy it as much as you can!! xxx



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