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Hey hun hope you dont mind me writing this. I know you mentioned on another thread about your husband having testicular Cance but I cant find the thread and just wanted to ask a few questions if you dont mind?
You said that he had it then you had your baby naturally afterwards (congrats on the by the way!!) what kind of treatment did he have? and how did they go about all the tests? Im getting really frustrated because my oh gave his first sperm sample 6 months ago now and we havent even heard anything about the sperm count in that one, then he is supposed to have another appointment following his treatment which he finally finished a little while ago but again nothing. He does have an appointment for a ct scan this month but thats to check for cancer traces and we have heard zilch about the fertility side of things. Don't get me wrong first and foremost Im glad he has got better but his cancer had spread a little, as you will know even advanced stage testicular cancer is usually highly treatable but he did have some pretty intense Chemotherapy so we are oviously anxouis about how it has affected his fertility but just feel a bit left in the dark. Is it normal to have to wait this long?
Really hope you don't mind me writing this hun I don't know anyone else in the same boat would be great if you could share your experiences.
How long have you been ttc n02? Hope its not too long, good luck!! and thanks again


  • Hi hon so sorry I didn't see your post...no idea where I was on 3rd but it must have slipped by me!

    Yes he did have testicular cancer and has thankfully been clear of it for a few years now. It all happened so fast it was hard to take in!! He went to docs who instantly sent him to hospital and he had bloods taken, some sort of scan and various other things - was prodded and poked a lot poor bloke. THey rushed him in for surgery three days later it was that bad (he'd been putting off going to docs altogether and had to get yelled at!). I think they did a biopsy thing first off, then the full surgery to remove his testicle. Then he started chemo, lost all his hair - I'm sure you know all about it! He had secondary in his chest as well so loads more tests, scans, bloods, xrays and he had to have something burnt off his chest and more chemo! So I know how you feel about the secondary and the intensive chemo; sounds like they went through pretty much the same thing. He obviously gave 'donations' shall we say :lol: as well, which were frozen for him.

    From what I remember we had to ask about his sperm count as well rather than them inform us, so it might be worth chasing it up. They don't discuss fertility unless you want to know about it. At the time it wasn't an issue, it was only a couple of years later when we wanted a family that he started to worry that it might not be working. They did mention at the time of his first samples that his count was low but that it would pick up as time went on, but that was all - we were more concerned about everything else and in a daze about it all, it all happened so fast!

    In the end we went to his GP and asked about fertility, he was great and referred us straight away for tests and to see a fertility expert and we had sperm tests - results were back in about 3 weeks to say his count was low but not so low as to be a huge concern and we should try for a year. If nothing we would be put on the IVF list straight away. 6 months into TTC and we fell pregnant. If I were you I would chase the results of his first sperm tests. How long ago did he finish his treatment? Its odd not to have had an appointment; dh was on monthly checks to start with and I know each hospital is different but he should be seeing somebody regularly for bloods and scans. Eventually it will get longer between visits, dh has just been given the nod to go every 2 years between checks image

    TTC for number 2 has been strange; we tried for 3 months then got cold feet and stopped for a couple of months. Then started again only to decide we would wait until May and then started again anyway! Only last month I couldn't as I was in too much pain, and he's away this month, so its been so hit and miss I've no idea how many cycles we've actually tried for!

    And no, I don't mind you asking; anything I can help with I will do. I take it your oh banked sperm? If so they do test the fertility of it then to make sure its worth freezing, so even if hes got a low count now then the frozen sperm will be usable; it just means you'll need help. But if he's had tests 6 months ago and nobody has contacted you to say its low thats a really good sign. DOn't be disheartened though if they say it is rather low, dh's was as well; it gets better the further away from treatment you get, as the other testicle starts to produce more sperm and testosterone to cope with the missing testicle. Poor thing does the work of 2!! It also means when you're TTC that you dont BD every day as he will need extra time to produce the sperm from only one testicle. Dh gets frustrated with that but I have to be strict with him! :lol:

    Just try not to worry about it; I know its hard but you have to remember that the frozen sperm is there if his unfrozen swimmers struggle. I think the success rate when dh had all his surgery etc was 80% (or thereabouts) for conceiving a child after testicular cancer...as in 80% of men went onto have kids after their cancer treatment, and of course it will have improved int he few years since then. Chase those results hon and I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything is alright. Let me know if there is anything else I can tell you or answer or even if you just want to rant about it all; feel free to email me if you want it more private.

  • Hi hon, just wondered if you'd managed to get any answers out of anybody about the test results? Hope so! Fingers crossed for you xxxx
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