Ticker - another question

How do i keep it on all my emails?? Where do I need to paste it?

K xx


  • It's ok I know the answer to this now image


  • It will stay on your clipboard for as long as you are logged on (as long as you dont copy anything else obviously) so if you save your 'code' page in your fave's, you can just go straight there and copy it each time you log back on. Im afraid it has to be pasted each time you want it! x
  • Perfect thanks image It's a bugger though to have to keep putting it on every post eh!!


  • oooh think ill do one. i stopped doing them because my cycles were so irregular but i know they are 32days long now.
    it is a bugger though pasting every time!!!! x x x
  • http://tt.lilypie.com/CqAup1/.png

    hope its worked!!
  • yeah, thats why I stopped doing it! I kept forgetting, lol!

    Might get another one set up ready tho, just incase my cycles get straight back to 'normal'! xx
  • They are sooo cute though hee hee


  • Gives incentive not to test too early too, as you can focus on 'the day'! x


  • Thats sooo true as i am always think what day am I on again and now it's right there image I feel like i have Hay Fever ;-(

    k XX


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