lost me bean :( *update*

i am now getting bfn after 5 bfp and cbd a week ago, guess im just waiting for the awful bleeding to begin now. why is this always happening to me image

i did a cbd and was negative, i just dun an asda brand test and got a very faint line so im guessing my hormone levels are dropping
i am 19DPO, this may sound silly but has any1 ever taken a cbd test apart? if so then i wondering.... there are 2 test strips and does the top one read like a normal hpt? as in 1 line negative and 2 lines positive? becuase i took my test apart that said pregnant and the one i got that said not pregnant and the lines read the same. is this just wishful thinking??? xx

so i have rang nhs for some advice and they are ringing me back, i dont no what i am thinking they can say 2 me but i guess they know best i just feel so stupid its such early days so they prob wnt b able 2 help

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  • Oh no hun, am so sorry I really dont know what to say. I cant even begin to imagine how you are feeling at the moment.

    Can you go to EPU for a scan or was it too early?

    So sorry, big hugs and thinking of you xx
  • Awww nooo im so shocked! :cry: How many BFN's have you been getting? When was your last test?

    I really hope its just the dodgy tests. So sorry. :cry:

  • so sorry to read this hun,

    here for you xxx
  • Ahhh Im so sorry for you hun.
    V xxx
  • How many tests have you done Sally. It could just be the sensitivity of the test. False -ve's are much much more common than a false +ve so it could be a fasle -ve. Maybe try another test??
  • am really sorry to read this, so sad
    how many bfn's have you had? hopefully it's a false negative? xxx
  • How many dpo are you? Your hcg only doubles every 48 hrs, do you think it could be low hormone levels at this point?
  • hi, if u contact ur epu they may do blood tests for u to more accurately monitor ur hcg levels, fingers crossed ur little bean is hanging on in there xx
  • i really hope ur right, i have one test left so i will do that in the morning, if it is a stong positive then i will accept i am pregnant and my urine was just to dilute when i tested b4 and get on with things but if it is really faint again or negative then i will go c my gp. just wish i knew what was going on
  • Oh no, Sally I'm so sorry to hear this. Fingers crossed your urine was just too dilute and you get a nice strong line with FMU tomorrow. xx
  • Sally I would say it's a varience in tests as you've been using different ones. At 19 dpo you may have only had detectable hcg levels for a few days and I read that if you are carrying a boy studies have shown that your hcg rises slower than with girls!
    I hope your bean is hanging in there and it all turns out well for you hun. Let us know.
  • Fingers crossed for good news tomorrow! x
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