How long did you wait til first AF?

Hi Girls,

Well I am on CD 34 in my first cycle off the pill and I am wondering when my first AF will appear? I have had the withdrawal bleed on 3rd June but now am waiting.

How long did you guys have to wait for your first real period off the pill?



  • hey hun,

    do u know when u ov'ed? xx
  • No I'm afriad I'm not sure - seem to have had 2 bouts of EWCM. The latest and shortest a few days ago although ov stick suggested I hadn't peaked.
  • bless u image im in a similar boat, first month ttc after coming off the pill. im CD16 and still waiting for signs of ov - using ov sticks so will have to wait and see. but got a feeling like u im in for a long month image xx
  • I have waited 31 days but had some spotting around CD21, 22 and from then on cycles have regulated to around 26 or 27 days..

    Everyone is different for some ladies it takes ages and some are back to normal straight away...

    Howlong were your cycles prior to pill?

  • Hey,

    I was quite lucky and quite strangely my first AF after WDB was infact 28 days later, so i thought i was going to be regular straight away but no! hehe Its took 12 months and its just starting to settle out now.
    Fingers crossed it shows soon so you can start TTC straight away.

  • mine took 67 days to come! hopefully its quicker for you x
  • hi....

    my 1st one off pill was 29days and this 1 was 25days so its just a waiting game really....

    hope u know 1 way or another soon x
  • Thanks Hols.

    I am CD35 now. Had some very nasty cramping but doesn't feel like AF is nearer. Maybe a few days away.

    Need to think of something nice to occupy me. image
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