Has anyone...

... spent years trying NOT to conceive? I keep thinking back to all the times I panicked because I thought I might have pissed a pill, or fooled around with my OH when not on the pill and took the morning after one? Or worried when my period was a day late?

I had no idea how hard it might actually be to get up the duff! All those years trying not to and now desperately trying to . The irony of it all!


  • I hear you!

    It's madness, isn't it? Worrying you might be pregnant because a condom split or you forgot a pill or whatever. Knowing what I know now - I needn't have worried!
  • I honestly had no idea it would be difficult! You get the beejesus scared out of you at school about how you can get pregnant even without having sex if a penis comes anywhere near you, and when it comes down to it, it appears you can have sex countless times and not a dicky bird.

    But you're right - if only we'd known we could have spent the hours we worried doing something more fun.
  • And now we're worrying for the opposite reasons!!
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