i went to the doctors and guess what they told me.....

that i am most probably pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! image
she took some blood to test the HCG which she said wouldnt tell me much apart from that i am pregnant.
she said the HCG from the mc would not still be in my body from 6 weeks ago. and the fact that we have 2 BFP's i am pregnant!

its all so different to last time, i've got to get an appointment at antenanal for a scan but that wont be for another few weeks, i'm also having another blood test on 2nd june to check the levels are rising as they should.

so fingers crossed this all works out the way it should! i have no idea how many weeks pregnant i am or when i would be due!! so i feel a bit in the dark at the moment, but at least i know one thing, I AM PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxx


  • Congratualtions honey on a well deserved BFP, it gives every1 hope who's had MC including myself that it will happen again for us!

    Enjoy ur pregnancy and take care of urself!!!
  • yay, congratulations, i told you so! lol

    I'm really happy for you hun!

    Emma xxx


  • congratualtions x
  • Thats fantastic news!!! So pleased for you, lots of sticky dust on the way to you! x
  • Yay, congratulations on your BFP!! What a beautiful day to get it confirmed! Just wanted to let you know, I got my BFP recently after a mc end of February, it's a great feeling!!!!!!!! See you in the January forum soon.
  • Hey hunny congrats!!! Fingers crossed for the both of us that r bloods come bk good, we should be due the same time!!!! im to scared to go into jan forum yet tho....guna wait for my results first xxxxx
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