I wonder if anyone can help, I think I am due on this week (I say think cause I haven't had an A/F for 7 months!. This month I have had all the signs that I ovulated, so I thought I would definately have a A/F. My boobs have been soar for nearly 2 weeks, and my period hasn't come all I have is major stomach acid, I've done a preg test last week (probably early if my calcuations are right) and it was neg. My cervix seems to have gone back up and is wet and hard (sorry tmi) does any of this sound like I am preggers!?


  • BB's hurting, increased cm, high closed cervix, indigestion/heartburn.....all sound positive. But unfortunately our bodies can trick us. Unfortunately the only way to confirm is keep in a couple of days, or a week if you can wait that long. Good luck! xx
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