So who is POAS next Saturday with me then.....

I am going to POAS next saturday, and saw on a post that k-lou and mithical are too!! Who wants to join my pact for all of us saturday morning POAS addicts?? :lol:


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  • lol, don't encourage anyone to POAS early though immense! xx
  • I have modified my message!! lol!!
  • Just bumped up the June Test List for you! xx
  • Yep I am POAS next Sat if AF doesn't arrive. CM still in abundence, had cramping and nips have been sore today but that could just be AF. On CD32, thought it was CD31 but looked on my fertility calendar and nope...
  • theoretically I COULD poas next Sat, but am not due to until Tue. So I will wish all you Sat girlies the very best of luck, but I wont be joining you! Wish I was brave enough but Im not! :lol:

    *chants: I WILL hold out until the 1st!!!!!*

  • Well im on CD31 today...didnt ov til cd25 though (oh how i love my long cycles!!! So af is due on im aloud to test...just not sure if i have the guts to yet....altho i have to do it b4 the weds as seeing the mc specalist so need to rule out pg b4 i go.........image
  • baby bump4 - you CAN hold out!! I only tested earlier than planned cos of when I think i ov'd - I would not have done otherwise!!

    woomummy - If you want to join us - welcome - but if not - I hope it is a good result for you whenever you do it! babydust xx
  • Thanx hun...although the urge to pee on a opk is getting quite strong now....its not a pg stick so doesnt count...surely...image
  • true!! it doesn't count!! but won't you stil get a BFN?!
  • Nope opks double up as pg sticks...they look for the lh and hcg, its a very similar hormone so they turn positive at either of them...whereas pgs sticks only pick up hcg....oh no have i gave u a new poas addiction lol!! xxxxx
  • Yep me as long as the witch does not find me Thursday. Not holding out much hope have been feeling premenstral all week image
  • my fingers are crossed for you socks! not seen you on here much lately?
  • I know. I get really fed up with the whole symptom thing (some have probably noticed) I think some of my posts were getting really negative and I didn't want people to get sick of me! I just get so fed up that I have AF symptoms i have never had before, you convince yourself you have done it this month and she comes anyway. I was trying to avoid the symptom spotting addicts (k-lou and others lol) but I have realised it is pointless you can't stop the instant thoughts in your head! I also feel a bit selfish for feeling fed up when there are so many others who have been trying so much longer. It is really hard both my sister and best mate are 6 months pg and full of it and I would love to be on maternity leave with them and have kids the same age etc. I guess when it is meant to it will x fingers crossed for all of us!
  • Thanx immense! Yes, I WILL hold out! :lol: To be honest Im not sure If Ill be brave enough to test even on the 1st, I sooo want to be pg again after mc that I will be devastated to see a bfn! Might wait until I am about a week late. :roll:

    Socks, dont lose your pma hun. It will be your turn soon. Our bodies just have a wicked sense of humour giving us pg/af signs which are virtualy identical! Its cruel and annoying, and you only notice them all when ttc 'cos you are looking out for them! Keep your chin up and you will be joining your sis and mate very soon xxx

  • I'm due to test on the Monday (af due day) or Tuesday and won't test early!!! Already having same 'symptoms' as last month so not full of pma!!! Good luck all of you SAT poas people. Give us all some good news!!!
  • Socks - it WILLhappen to you! I know what you mean about not symptom spotting tho - I am only on nth2 - but don't know whether they are good or bad signs - you cannot help noticing tho! My cousin is 5 1/2mths by accident, and i am finding myself talking to her about everything cos I want to be there too!! It's a nightmare!

    babybump4 - fingers crossed for you. i can understand why you are unsure whether to test - it must be hard. If you do get to a week late that could be good to test xx

    Deputy gibbon - good luck for mon / tues!!

    Sending lots of babydust to everyone!!
  • Thanks girls. Fingers crossed for all of us.
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