Pain in right ovary

Hi everyone, hope you all had a lovely Christmas and boxing day.

I think i am on cd15 (i think i ovulated on the 12th Dec as i'd had ewcm for a few days and on the 12th i got really bad pain in my left ovary)
I have had cramps since Christmas day night but didn't last long, and since yesterday i've had this strange pain in my right ovary, it kind of feels like af pain but in my ovary, i'm pretty sure i never have this before af. When i get it it doesn't last long, just a few seconds but i had it yesterday and today, along with slight af pain/ cramps.
I usually get af pain at least a week before af, and usually get heartburn too, but so far no heartburn.

I'm determined not to test until maybe next thursday, that's if i don't get af obviously.

Anyone had these ovary pains or know what it could be?

Thanks :\)


  • hey poppy- i have had them as well- but i'm not the best to give advice on it- b/c i have been ss like crazy this month- i def get ov'ing pains and then during my 2ww i get weird twinges in my ovaries- so not really sure what it is- of course if you google it- you can find it is a pg sign and an af sign- so who knows- this ttc stuff is crazy!!! good luck to you!!1
  • Hi there,

    Im having strange aches deep in my pelvis too, mainly in my left but in my right sometimes also... & generally in the pelvic area, it was mainly approx a week after expected conception lasting up until now, as well as non stop tender boobs since ovulation. I'm thinking maybe its a good sign as I had the exact same symptons with my last we'll see image not due af for a few days yet though.

    Good luck xXxXxXx
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