+'ve opk's but no ewcm?


Anyone here ever get +ve opk's but no ewcm?? i had a positive on thurs nights, and less so last night, but no ewcm - in fact no real cm to talk of at all really.
Has this ever happend to anyone?? xx


  • I've had a +ve OPK and no ovulation! xx
  • i hardly ever getter ewcm or cm to be honest! the first time i ever have was this cycle and this is cycle 4 after my mmc and we were ttc 10 months before that! xx
  • Don't worry, I'm the opposite. Ewcm but no +ve opk! Grrr!
  • Hi!

    I hardly ever got EWCM but got PG twice using Preseed. Last time had MMC so fingers crossed all works out better this time!

    Have you tried Preseed, or i know others use Zesica with success?
  • Oh and P.S Do you smoke as this can significantly affect your oestrogen levels which is what produces EWCM? (not a dig, i am an ex smoker myself!) X
  • not a smoker and not used preseed or anything yet, this is our first month ttc so never really taken much notice of cm this month so no idea if this is the "norm" for me not to have it. may have to invest in some next month....think oh wouldn't be too impressed tho!! xx
  • I only ever really notice it after a number 2 !!!
    Sorry tmi x x
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